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Flender is a successful Peer-to-Peer finance platform in Ireland which helps fast-growing businesses raise finance extremely quickly.

Well-known investors and board members of Flender include John Mulcahy (IPUT), Mark Roden (Ding), Jamie Heaslip (International Rugby star and businessman), Jonathan Quinn (World First), Brian Norton (Future Finance) and Philip Grant (Farrell Grant Sparks).


Following a same-day decision process (if application received online via the Flender.ie website before 12 noon) we will normally fund your finance requirement within seconds and can therefore usually transfer the funds to you the same day.


Peer-to-Peer Lending is the process of connecting investors directly to borrowers, circumventing traditional banks and financial institutions. This alternative style of finance creates the opportunity for businesses to raise money much more efficiently.

Often the businesses we fund also use the Flender funding exercise as a PR / merketing exercise to announe a new product launch, a new unit opening, or other positive expansion news.

However your funds can be raised privately if you prefer. Your business does not need to be displayed on our website.


Our clients are fast growing businesses with a loyal customer base and are:

a) Irish SME businesses seeking up to €150,000 for cashflow or expansion over 6-36 months.

b) Businesses who want launch marketing, PR for a new product, or awareness of expansion into new markets.


Flender was launched in 2017 and has funded over 60 Irish businesses with over €2M in business loans, creating over 200 new Irish jobs.

  • Lenders on Flender already come from 42 countries, with most coming from Ireland and the UK.

  • All borrowers pass affordability and credit checks and are vetted by Flender before being placed on the Live Marketplace.

  • Flender has the regulatory framework in place in Ireland and the UK for peer to peer finance and can place 1st and 2nd charges as a security on borrowers’ properties if necessary.

Partners include:

  • Bank of Ireland
  • McCann Fitzgerald
  • Enterprise Ireland
  • PwC
  • BrandX


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Tel: 0868717964
Email : barry@franeurope.com
Website : www.franeurope.com
Contact Person : Barry Connellan

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