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Esquires Coffee

Esquires Coffee

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As an international franchise, we stake our reputation and our growth on the quality of our coffee, the expertise of our people, and the effectiveness of our partnership model. From the friendly smile of a barista to the daily dedication of our franchise owners, we are a team of people who pride ourselves in the Esquires brand.

We strive to ensure that each of our coffee houses becomes an integral part of the community it serves, and we encourage their involvement with local charities, schools and causes in need. Our Franchise owners are known for their friendly service and local knowledge and we know from our customers that they are seen as being a central part of the community.

Our customers have a discerning palate who appreciate not only a great coffee, but are also conscious of its origins and how it is produced. We are abundantly aware of the needs of worldwide communities and have chosen to support the worldwide coffee community by only buying and serving our customers with 100% Fairtrade and Organic coffee.

Company information
Main branch Food
Activity Esquires Coffee is all about exceptional coffee and superior customer service in a warm and friendly, environment.
Type of franchise Franchise
Franchise since 1993
Franchise information
Contract duration 5 year.
Training Standard training period at 4 weeks and 3 days at the academy on the Cold Coast, Queensland.
Catchment area Request information.
Location description Best possible public location.
Average FTE 4 - 5
How is the purchase arranged?

Request information.

Total investment

$200.000 - $ 500.000 depending upon on the concept.

Average revenue per franchisee

Request information.

Entrance fee

$ 50.000

Required equity

Request information.

Franchise fee

Ongoing 7%

Number of own locations -
Number of foreign locations

250 outlets operating internationally under the "Esquires Coffee Houses" brand.

Number of franchise locations 50
Required number sqm Depending upon the concept, store footprints start from 15 sqm

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