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This way you get rid of your franchise choice stress

With more than 800 franchise formulas to choose from, it is not surprising that many prospective entrepreneurs suffer from choice stress. One has a better location, the other a more fun concept, what should you choose now? In this article you can read what you can do with choice stress .. but first, where does it actually come from?

Reasons why you can not choose well

Not everyone suffers from franchise choice stress. Some entrepreneurs have crystal clear where they want to go and with which formula. So how is it that you are still doubting?

Lack of strategy

You may be extremely enthusiastic about the idea of ​​finally being your own boss and you have therefore chosen one, two or three franchise formulas. But that is by no means enough focus for your search. First think carefully about what you can afford, what skills you have and how they fit with each formula.

Distraction while searching

Sites about franchise formulas are full of interesting articles about everything and everything, for you know you are reading all sorts of stories for days that do not directly relate to your choice.

Think too much

Of course it is good to have a lot of data about the company you want to join. And a good idea about the current number of visitors to a particular location is also not wrong. But at a certain point you have analyzed enough. Then it's time to choose.

And this is what you do to that choice stress

The solution of all this choice stress is as simple as it is effective: take a three-day sabbatical! That means no social media, no franchise websites, no discussions with consultants, representatives, financiers or accountants. Instead, go for a weekend to sea, into the woods or climb a mountain. Everything to empty your head. By clearing your head just as well, you automatically get more perspective on what you really want!

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